Our Values

Riveridge 25th Anniversary Group Photo

Over the last 25 years, Riveridge has operated by some core values that made us what we are today. We think these are still the right things to do.

  • We want to be the packer-shipper of choice. The kind of business that Michigan’s family-run apple orchards are proud to be affiliated with.
  • Our mission is integrity from farm to fork. We’re thinking much more broadly than dollars and cents.
  • We want to be the employer of choice in the orchard, in the storage and packing facilities, at the shipping dock and in the sales office. This value speaks to our respect for people, and we believe that quality people are our real point of differentiation.
  • We’re a customer-focused apple shipper. We do that as a “boots on the ground” organization – in and out of packing facilities, storages and orchards daily, making sure we’re getting the job done.
  • And we do get the job done right and on time, the first time. Riveridge is proud of 99.8 percent on-time deliveries over the last five years.
  • We serve as a consumer-focused pipeline back to Michigan’s fruit-growing community, letting farmers know the trends and directions we need to go to serve the customer.
  • And we have a broad focus on innovation including ….
    • Traveling across the U.S. and around the world with our growing and packing partners to observe best practices. We adopt what fits best for our customers.
    • Being on the leading edge with a varietal mix that reflects customers’ evolving tastes and packaging preferences, including break-throughs in apple gloss.
    • Early adoption of food safety practices, including third-party audits, seamless traceability and continuously raising the bar on transparency.
    • Adopting orchard practices that maximize yields of targeted apples in a way that lowers production costs.
    • Using some concepts of organic production and adapting them to environmentally-sound pest control practices.

Riveridge: Michigan grown to global standards™.