Riveridge Shipper Partners

In addition to representing grower-families with high personal standards, Riveridge has developed a team of the best packing sheds in the Midwest.  The half-dozen Riveridge packing sheds share our vision for consistent, high-quality output and disciplined business practices. Take a quick tour of our packing plants in Michigan and Wisconsin.  Their dedication has helped grow Riveridge to be the largest shipping agent in Michigan and one of the East Coast’s leading exporters. On average, Riveridge is marketer-of-choice for 30-40 percent of the state’s fresh apple crop annually. We ship so many apples – and service retailers in about two dozen states – because we’re a leader in quality control, customer service and food safety. Since Riveridge draws from all apple-producing regions in Michigan plus Wisconsin. That geographic diversity makes us one of the most reliable sources, especially in times of frost, hail, drought or other adverse weather.