Born of two flavorful apples, Honeycrisp and Fuji, Evercrisp has quickly become a new favorite apple among many…. if you can find them! Being a relatively new apple variety, there are simply fewer trees in the ground to produce fruit. But growers are ramping up their Evercrisp tree planting because everyone loves the new Evercrisp.

Evercrisp have a slightly wider stance and a naturally autumn-esque coloring to their red. They’re a later season apple that stores incredibly well keeping them crisp and juicy long after harvest. Their sweetness rivals their parent Honeycrisp.

Great eating out of hand or sliced for the kids lunch, the Evercrisp is a solid-skinned apple ready to tackle the lunchbox.

Be a trendsetter and try an Evercrisp – but get them while you can!