One of the first apples picked each August, Ginger Gold is attractive, aromatic and has a gingery-sweet to mildly tart flavor.

Ginger Gold apples are bright golden-green with flesh that is fine-textured, crisp and creamy white.  This apple is great for snacks, salads and especially baking in pies.

It’s sometimes called the variety brought by Hurricane Camille because a Virginia apple grower discovered the first Ginger Gold apples among the washed-out remains of a Golden Delicious orchard destroyed by Hurricane Camille in 1969.  The first Ginger Gold apples were noticed in the early 1970s, and the variety brought to market soon after.

Ginger Gold shares many attributes of mild-mannered, thin-skinned Golden Delicious, yet it matures much earlier.

Get Ginger Gold quickly when you see it!  Although a decent keeper, it’ll be gone by October.