Phytosanitary Capabilities

No matter where you are, we can most likely get Riveridge apples to you. Many countries impose phytosanitary requirements on imported apples, including those from the USA. In order to export fruit from the USA, buyers must obtain a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) certificate proving that the product in question is safe for human consumption and is allowed to be exported to your specific country. Riveridge makes that happen. The USDA ensures the free flow of agricultural trade, by rigorously inspecting US apple shipping and packing facilities to ensure they’re free from pests and diseases. The USDA is perhaps the world’s most trusted food safety agency. At Riveridge, export is a priority. We have specialized and experienced export staff who are aware of the phytosanitary requirements in your country.

We can usually meet exporters’ or importers’ requirements due to our large number of apple growers, storage and packing facilities. We work closely with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and have USDA inspectors in Riveridge packing plants every week when we’re shipping for export. We’ll have the correct documentation to ensure a smooth border crossing and customs inspection. Riveridge has also worked closely with the USDA in opening new countries for the export of USA apples from Michigan.