When you think of apples, McIntosh apples are probably one that comes quickly to mind!  A Yankee native, McIntosh apples are as American as apple pie – for which it is an excellent choice.

McIntosh is tangy-tart with a tender ultra-juicy white flesh.   It also has a very pleasing apple aroma, and candles have been made specific to the McIntosh fragrance.

As a mid-size apple it’s a great take-along snack.

McIntosh was discovered in Ontario in the early 1800s, and entered commercial production in the 1870s.  Its cultivation spread throughout the Northeastern U.S. and west to Michigan, where the cooler climate is well-suited to full flavor development.

McIntosh – like its peers Red and Golden Delicious – has been the parent to many other outstanding apple varieties.   U.S. consumers may take the “Mac” for granted, but it’s truly an American all-star.