The Pink Lady is one of America’s sweethearts.  Apple lovers describe it as ravishing, sensational and a “go to” apple.  It’s all that.

The Lady’s distinctive red skin has an almost neon-pink glow that’s distinctive among all apples.  Sometimes its skin has a natural slightly dimpled appearance.  Flesh is white to creamy-yellow and is surprisingly firm yet juicy.  Its taste is deliciously tart with a hint of sweet.

The Pink Lady was developed in the 1970s in Western Australia by John Cripps, who named it Cripps Pink.  It’s a cross between Golden Delicious and the lesser-known Lady Williams.

In recent years, savvy marketers began sorting out the very best Cripps Pinks and selling them under the registered brand Pink Lady®.  By either name, this apple is usually mid-size.  It’s harvested late in the season and stores well.