Since Riveridge began operating in 1990 our marketing, packing and storage practices have leapfrogged ahead of industry norms for sustainability and environmental practices.

For example, our new Riveridge Packing plant opened in 2011, has put a priority on:

  • Fresh air and low-noise environments for employees, by segmenting mechanical equipment apart from most line workers;
  • Low-emission light bulbs;
  • Automated work environment including no-lift box conveyors;
  • Automated waist-high pallet loading equipment.

And Riveridge Land Company is leading the way in sustainability in our orchards with:

  • Native pollinators to assist our rented beehives;
  • Wildflower strips to nurture the native pollinators;
  • Kestrel houses to control bark-chewing rodents;
  • Bat houses to control insects in orchards;
  • Scarecrows to slow bird damage around high-value ripening apples;
  • Orchard spray buffer zones to avoid drift;
  • Grass strips between trees to prevent erosion.