Food Safety Traceability

Food Safety Traceability

We all hope an apple-related food safety incident will never occur.  But if it does, Riveridge is state-of-the-art with available information and responsiveness with food safety traceability.

A bin tag like the one pictured here, records the variety of apples, the “block” or part of the orchard they were picked in, the date and hour they were picked, and the workers who picked them.  Our extensive records detail all activities as apples move through all of our facilities.

This information is recorded in our database – and is accessible in minutes.

  • We provide lot coding traceability from orchard to consumer.
  • All our growers are required to maintain stringent grower spray records – a fact verified in their annual USDA GAP audits.

Riveridge recently introduced a custom real-time, in-field inventory system.  The in-field bin tracker records what’s been harvested in the orchards on an hourly basis.  It strengthens Riveridge’s food safety traceability program by having in-field QC personnel input data for each bin as soon as it’s picked.

This is one area where we hope you never have to call us.  But we’ll have the information for you anyway.

Aaron Debski
Food Safety Manager & QC
Riveridge Produce Marketing
(616) 887-6873   (EST business hours)

food safety traceability