Energy/ Fuel Efficiency

energy efficient - energy and fuel efficiency

Riveridge looks for any way, large or small, to reduce the energy consumption in its facilities and operations. When Riveridge Packing was renovated in 2010, we adopted the industry-best, leading-edge equipment. Our energy efficient improvements adopted at that time include:

  • Refrigeration control system decreases the energy required for refrigeration by over 30 percent, saving over 400,000 kilowatts of per year.
  • T8 electronic and LED lighting results in approximately 20 percent and 80 percent energy savings, respectively.
  • Heat expended from the compressor is captured and reused to heat the facility.
  • Variable frequency drives are used on the apple grading system, refrigeration system, wells and other equipment, which allow energy use to match the demand.

In Riveridge’s orchards, frost is controlled principally by wind machines. Traditional methods of frost control like orchard heaters and burning of straw bales have a more significant impact on the environment. Using wind machines helps ensure a more consistent crop and slashes energy use. All of these efforts reduce Riveridge’s reliance on energy and ensure that our crop and the final pack-outs are protected and processed with a minimal environmental footprint.