The Rome apple, occasionally called Law Rome and Rome Beauty, also goes by the moniker “baker’s buddy.”  Of course, that’s because this variety has a high level of solids that hold up well in cooking and baking.

Famed for its storage qualities – and its dependable production – the Rome apple is the classic storybook apple.  Large, round and fully red at harvest, Romes have a solid following.

Rome is considered a good apple for fresh snacking and salads, but it really shines as a salad component, for baking and applesauce.

Funny story:  It’s not really from Europe.  Romes originated in Rome Township, Ohio, in the early 1800s when a farmer reportedly found a tree in a shipment that did not match the others.  He gave it to his son saying, “Here’s a Democrat.  You may have this one.”  His son nurtured the tree along on the banks of the Ohio River, where it produced beautiful red apples  – and the rest is history.

Today, Proctorville, Ohio, considers itself the “Home of the Rome Beauty Apple.”