Sweet Cherry Varieties

With our roots deep into Michigan’s fruit-growing orchards, Riveridge is also a supplier of Michigan-grown sweet cherries. Michigan is cherry country because of the moderating “lake effect” weather from Lake Michigan. It allows the state’s west coast to grow outstanding cherries, from Traverse City south to the state border. Riveridge’s sweet cherry program features the natural progression of preferred sweet cherry varieties as they ripen from south to north. These varieties have been selected for a firm bite and full flavor and are great for pies and jams. Premium Michigan sweet cherries have a five-week season, usually beginning in July when they’re picked at their peak — plump and firm. For the perfect ripeness, choose the darkest cherries.

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Health Benefits of Sweet Cherries

  • Zero fat, Zero cholesterol
  • Full of Antioxidants!
  • 1 cup provides 12% of your daily fiber
  • 16% of your daily Vitamin C in 1 cup
  • Vitamin A, calcium, protein, iron, and potassium
  • Research shows cherry consumption can reduce pain and inflammation

How to Store Cherries

  • Keep refrigerated
  • Stores 7-14 days if kept cool
  • Stems help prolong shelf life


  • Attica
  • Benton
  • Burgundy Pearl
  • Ebony Pearl
  • Regina
  • Sweetheart

Sweet Cherry Packs

Open Top Poly Bag — PLU 4045 or 4259
12/2lb – 24 lb
8/2.5lb – 18lb
Pouch Bag — PLU 4045